Amiri & Yahya

Amiri & Yahya

So the calendar says the year is over and MY has it been a crazy year for us! Luckily we celebrate our New Year in spring but, in the spirit of things, now is as good a time as any to take a trip down memory lane!

Y’all should know by now that our whole souls are die hard entrepreneurs and this year has tested and tried us like no other. We’ve taken leaps of faith and gotten robbed, cheated and scammed on the way down! We’ve had to pick ourselves up, refocus and rework our plans SEVERAL times but we’re still pushing through like champions!

That’s the tale of dreamers really. If you mean what you say, life is gonna test you (like the time we got taken for almost 10 grand trying to buy new equipment!!). Trust us, you’re not gonna get the gold without going through the fire honey so you’d better be ready for a little- or a LOT of heat!

But alas, it hasn’t been all woe and disappointment; because we’ve learned that even the things that seem like disappointments- if you stay positive- will work out for your best! It was just two months ago that we were packing up our house with nowhere else to go. Now I’m sitting by the fire place typing you all this little love note…

To top it all off, we’ve brought some amazing things into reality this year! Like the little Nugget we’ve got baking in the oven!

We started our relationship saying that we wanted to be an example to our peers and share our experiences to encourage everybody. And almost by serendipity, came about (still under construction but you get the point), along with our YouTube channel and we have so much more in the works!

So many of you guys have shared how much our openness has helped you, just keep flowing with us in this coming year! We’re gonna continue sharing our ups and downs and how we grow through it all!

Have you taken leaps of faith in the past year? Have they gone different from how you planned? Be encouraged and keep at it! The difference between the successful and the others is how many times they’re willing to “fail forward”. Take the blessing with the lesson and keep going til you get it!

Share you’re stories with us down there in the comments, or reach us directly via email! We love hearing from you!!

Peace and Blessings on your journey forward!

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