Suffice it to say that cheating is bad. We’re all grown, we all know that much. Keeping your private parts to yourself should be easy enough. Staying faithful to the one you say you love should be easy enough….but what about when it’s not? What happens when one -or both- people slip up and step out?

What’s really an “appropriate” reaction to finding out that your spouse has committed the ULTIMATE marital sin? I can’t say because I’d be so far from appropriate you’d have to send a search party to find me. So is anything really unjustified in that instance?

I’m sure we’ve all heard the news these past few days. (If we heard it without a TV, I know it got to y’all!)

In case you’ve been on vacation in Bali, here is the scoop on what happened with Hit the Floor dancer, Stephanie Moseley, and her husband. It’s a sad case. Really, really sad! But was he wrong? Yea, yea, we know, murder is always wrong- according to ‘Merica. But ladies, it’s #WombmanWednesday so let’s be honest. How often do we say “if I eeeeever catch him cheating I’m killing him AND that heaux!”

I know ya said it, cuz I said it! Even if cheating is the last thing I worry about, I still have my reaction in my back pocket! They always say you never know how you’ll react until you’re in a situation and that’s totally true. According to her “life coach” she said (out of her own mouth) that he’d never laid a hand on her. So on the same token, you never know how your man will react either!

It’s a slippery slope!

Marriage in America is almost a joke these days. It’s so easy to hop in and out of what should be a life long commitment. It’s easy to play around with people’s emotions, give in to the hyper-sexual images and fall for the “man/woman on the side” bullcrap…. but what about when that other shoe drops?

I’ve seen first hand how infidelity and divorce rips families-and seemingly sane people- apart. I’ve seen how lies and deceit can drive a person to unthinkable rage.

With hearts in the balance, can you really blame a man-or a woman- for what seems to be an irrational response to that kinda thing?

What say you?Cheaters-Proverbs

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