So we didn’t “celebrate” Christmas..for the 4th or 5th year in a row. This year though – with all the protests against corporate America, consumerism and pure injustice – a surprising number of young, black families have also decided to drop the “holidays” and embrace their versions of truth and justice.

It kinda shocked us that we were getting more genuine curiosity on how we handle the pressures of “turning away” than the normal side eyes and skeptical glances. I mean, really… tell people you don’t celebrate ANY western holidays and you’ll find yourself sitting at the reject table quick, fast and in a hurry! But it looks like things are changing!

So to answer all the questions we get, we did a video. And to kill , like, 10 birds with one stone, we talked about our home birth experience in it too… Probably should have made it two separate videos but hey….

Here’s the juice! Enjoy!


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