The Sabbath is almost here again and the good Lord knows I’m waiting on it like a kid going to Disneyland.

After a busy week, it’s such a joy preparing our house for a great day of REST! Despite all the work I put in on Friday, I know that by Saturday morning my house, namely the boys’ room, will look like Katrina hit it.

It’s OK though! I’m sure I’m not the only one who experiences that. It comes with the territory of having boys….or kids….or pets! (And I bless the day when they’re grown and I can go ransack THEIR houses!!)

Either way, for what it’s worth, I try to make the actual prep time for the Sabbath is as stress free as possible.

For those who are new to the site, we observe a weekly day of rest- Friday sunset til Saturday sunset- and as a part of that, we do all our cooking and cleaning ahead of time. (aka- Thursday and Friday BEFORE sunset, so we can rest for real!)

We do a good bit of our cleaning on Thursday evening so that we (ahem- “I”) can enter into our rest more relaxed and calm. That’s also a great option for those of y’all who have to work outside the house because trying to squeeze it all into the tiny space between getting off and sunset will make your day a lot less than restful.

Since I originally posted this list, I’ve learned that splitting the workload up by days makes everything a WHOLE lot easier!

So, here’s a list, organized by room, of all the things I do before Shabbat. I usually pick something quick and easy to cook for Friday and also make sure we have bread, fruit and PB&J for Saturdays meals. This week we’re having good ol’ beans and rice for dinner. 🙂

Weekly Shabbat Prep List

-Wash any leftover loads

-clean and put away dishes
-sanitize counters, stove and table
-sanitize fridge
– sweep and mop floor

-sanitize face bowl, tub and toilet
-sweep and mop floor

-make beds
-dust dressers, side table/nightstand
-vacuum or sweep floor
-pick up any random items and put them away

Living Room
-put away any items out of place
-dust shelves, table, computer desk
-sweep and mop floor

I also try to remember to wipe all the window sills, we burn a lot of incense and y’all know that can get messy.

I’m learning to implement a day of deep cleaning at least once a month. You know, baseboards and such. That makes every other cleaning day a breeze!

Our house is fairly small so finishing this list only takes a few hours if I can stay on task 🙂 After it’s all done, I burn incense or candles to relax the mood further and scent the house. If the weather permits, it feels great to clean up with the windows open. Also, playing upbeat music makes the time fly by and keep the energy positive. Try some reggae!

I usually wait until I’m done to put dinner on but wherever you can fit it in works. Remember, preparing our homes for the most High’s holy day is a privilege. Try to keep your mood happy and positive. I do this by imagining that the Lord himself will be coming through to enjoy our company and welcoming His presence while I’m cleaning. It feels GREAT knowing that you’re not just cleaning, but preparing for a “day off”…and who doesn’t need one of those?!

Before I go do my own prep, just remember, if you’re cleaning for the Sabbath- get all your shopping, cooking and cleaning done before it’s dark! I hope y’all FULLY enjoy peace and a blessed rest this Sabbath day.

Shabbat Shalom

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