Our Story


“If good love was easy, everyone would be doing it!”

If someone had told me 6  years ago what marriage +  family life would REALLY be like I might have thought twice…OK, three or four times – before I jumped in head first. We were young(er) then, and seriously naive.

We were wide-eyed dreamers, and sleep deprived young parents with that early twenties-style resolve to change the whole world  “easy peasy”.

Yea, if someone had told us THEN, what we know now! We’d have saved a lot of headaches and heartache that comes along with marriage, entrepreneurship and just LIFE in general. We needed encouragement during those rough days of being a young, new family. We wanted to hear that we weren’t in it alone and that people just like us were living their dreams – with family in tow – and SLAYING the marriage game. We needed to see the behind-the-scenes of what really happens on the road to becoming great in family life AND business life.  (Like the time hubz made the brave leap from working a 9-5 to full time entrepreneurship , and how soon after we were scammed for THOUSANDS of dollars!)

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We couldn’t find US anywhere in these vast internet streets so we did what just about anyone born after 1980 would do – we started a blog…and a Youtube channel.


We figured there MUST be more people out there looking for naturally dope, beautiful, rich – LOVE. Old school lyrics over new school beats – LOVE. Something so original but still so traditional – LOVE!


So, we set out to share our journey. From natural parenting [yes, even our home births] and homeschooling to building an amazing brand around our marriage and family. What better way than to SHOW that “It’s POSSIBLE!”?

Boys Making Breakfast

Thank God our plan worked! We’re blessed to be able to help other amazing, purpose & passion driven millennials create a lifestyle where “power couple”, “amazing family”, and “power brand” can all balance and grow well together.

blsck gardeners, kid gardeners

We don’t know it all but ask us about:

  • Building sustainably – including creating and keeping small gardens, wholistic homemaking and making $4 outta 15 cents.
  • Creating & keeping GOOD love and smashing stereotypes.
  • Strategic singleness and maximizing your purpose
  • Unschooling and counter approaches to the mis-education of our children
  • Creating and manifesting your individual and collective visions within a marriage/family environment
  • Creative entrepreneurship – dope ideas and making business boom with babies in tow

…and we’ll tell you what we know!



Thank y’all for rockin’ with us as we grow in love and life!






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