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Best place to buy accutane online forum - Accutane purchase uk


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Product Description

The #1 herbal feminine wellness kit is now a SUBSCRIPTION!

Support for post-partum recovery, uterine fibroid elimination, ovarian cysts, PCOS, heavy/painful menstrual cycles and other reproductive issues.

Kit Contents:

• FemininiTea (4 oz) – Calming herbal blend. Custom crafted to tone and detoxify the female reproductive system, balance hormones, and restore normal function. May be prepared as an infusion or tisane. Delicious served hot or cold.

• LiviTea (4 oz) – An herbal blend customized for the needs of the endocrine system. LiviTea is a bitter root blend that works to cleanse the liver, kidneys, and blood while restoring and strengthening the endocrine system.

• FemininiTea Steam (4 oz) – The wildly popular vaginal steam blend used to renew, support, maintain the health and strength of the reproductive system. Used to support the healing journey for female reproductive issues, and also to maintain an already healthy womb. Steaming is an ancient ritual that supports regular self-care and keeping. All natural, organic & wild-crafted herbs. No essential oils are used.

• FemininiTea Soak (4 oz) – Himalayan Pink salt infused with a proprietary blend of therapeutic grade essential oils and herbs. Soaking removes toxins from the skin. May also be used as a salt scrub in shower.

• Royal Moon Oil (1 oz) – Sweet Almond Oil infused with pain-relieving herbs and extracts create a soothing massage oil to relieve cramping and everyday aches. One of the most requested items in the Queen Maintenance Kit.

• Wellness Packet (Digitally Delivered) – A digital copy of the Royal Habits Cookbook, Queen’s Eating Plan, Low-Estrogen Food List, and additional Resource Guide


Notes & Policy:

SHIPPING: ALL SALES ARE PREORDER. Kits ship once per month. This means that if you order in October, your kit will ship in November, etc. Each herbal feminine wellness kit is handmade in small batches, please allow for slight differences in texture, color, scent, etc. 

SHELF LIFE: Kits are intended to be used within 1 month to maintain potency of the herbs. To extend shelf life, store your herbs out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. Royal Moon Oil shelf life can be extended by refrigeration. Without refrigeration, shelf life is 90 days. 

PROCESSING: Each kit is handmade and small batch processed, please allow for slight differences in texture, color, scent, etc. All herbs are wildcrafted and chosen from trusted, sustainable sources. This means that herbs harvested at the peak of their season will have a more potent flavor profile and vitamin content than those harvested in the off season. Please give grace for the natural flow of nature.

**All teas are loose leaf. Full ingredient list on each package. 


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Best place to buy accutane online forum - Accutane purchase uk

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