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The Queen Maintenance Kit is designed to help you enjoy the process of detoxifying your body and doing the inner, soul-searching work that is so vital to outer transformation.

Here you’ll find all the BONUS materials included with your kit purchase. These gifts were specially created with you in mind but feel free to print out and/or share with another evolving Queen.

Disclaimer: The advice shared here is not medical advice and should in no way be taken as such. The Queen Maintenance Kit is not intended to treat or cure any disease. Please consult with your physician before adding herbal formulas to your healthcare regimen.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT STEAM if you are pregnant, on your flow, or have open wounds on your vagina or perineum. If steaming post-childbirth, wait 2 weeks or until scarring/tears have healed. 

Steaming for help with fibroids, infection, or other feminine unbalance may require an in depth consultation.

Queen Wellness Coaching Packages are available. SCHEDULE NOW.

Integrative Wellness is a full spectrum approach to healing, working from the inside out and the outside in. Healing MUST take place in all 4 body systems (mental, emotional, material, and spiritual) in order to be lasting and sustainable. While you are detoxing it is important to eliminate toxic foods, habits, and harmful chemicals from your environment.

Queen Maintenance Kit – Contents (PDF)

Queen Eating Plan(PDF)

Additional Herbs and Resources PDF(PDF)


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