kitchen toolsHi, my name is Yahya and I’m a kitchen stuff-aholic!

If it were a real addiction, my husband would have BEEN got me some help! I seriously think I have a problem….because my baby shower registry includes a Vitamix and a KitchenAid stand mixer- which are not baby items- and that’s about IT! I’m sure my child will need onesies and all that good stuff but not as bad as his mama needs a stand mixer. So there!

Keeping this list at five items was hard enough, but I had to do it. Because not everybody finds a whisk to be as essential as, say, a fork. And most moms I know don’t NEED to have spoons in every material known to man. (Is it just me or do wooden spoons make your food taste better?)

Either way, I’ve compiled- and re-compiled- my list of only FIVE things that I KNOW every mama needs to keep on hand if you plan to feed your family wholesome, nutritious, REAL food.

I could’ve included the “duh” items like pots and a refrigerator but really…i think we’re all smart enough to own a pot.

I’ve picked these very basic (and easy to acquire) five tools because most of them are multifunctional workhorses. So here you go!

Five Essential Tools that You’d BETTER have in your kitchen!

° Kitchen Scissors- I literally lose my mind when I can’t find my kitchen scissors. They do it all! Well, they don’t COOK the food but how much can you ask from a pair of Fiskars? Seriously though, from cutting salad greens, to making perfectly uniform bite sized chicken nuggets. Even breaking down scraps to make them easier to compost. I use my scissors for everything. I keep several pairs on hand because you don’t EVER wanna cross contaminate. And no, you don’t have to go out and buy fancy shmancy scissors. I usually get mine from the dollar store and they haven’t failed me yet (but when they do, they’ll be easy enough to replace). A handy pair of kitchen scissors made light work of my collard green prep work during last week’s feast! As much as I HATE cleaning and chopping greens, I was done in NO TIME!

°Wooden Spoons- OK, I may be tripping about them making your food taste better but I know THIS for sure, they don’t scratch your pots. They’re light weight and make beautiful decoration when you’re not using them. And they’re awesome for handing out a quick “swat” when little people are being kitchen rebels! Grandma was definitely on to something! Just be sure to give them a little dab of oil after washing them and try not to let them sit for too long in hot, hot water so you can have them for a long time!

°Crockpots- If you’re not using a crockpot honey, you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s a working mother’s DREAM! You can put dinner on before you go, set it on low and it’ll be cooked when you get home. Who can complain about that? It’s also great for making homemade sauces, butters, jams, etc. The ultimate way to cook from scratch without spending hours in the kitchen. Another bonus is that you can prepare all your crockpot meal ingredients ahead of time, pop them in a freezer bag and keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them. It’s seriously a dream tool and you can find them for dirt cheap! I found a very clean, vintage crock at my local thrift store for about $8!

°Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls-Last year I was gifted a set of stainless mixing bowls that belonged to my husbands grandmother. When I tell you I’ve gotten a whoooole lotta use out of those things! They are virtually indestructible. Well made- much better than the thin bowls we have these days- and just plain awesome! You can even use them in place of pots in a pinch. Low to medium heat of course, you don’t want to damage them. I just used one this morning to make pancake syrup for the boys…on the stove! If you come across a set, get ’em. Seriously a great investment!

°Measuring Spoons- OK, this might be the only “duh” item on the list but maybe not. I’ve had several experiences in other mothers’ kitchens (none of y’all of course) where they didn’t have measuring spoons and I was so lost! I mean I know how to eyeball measurements by now but how do you bake?!?! With so many folks using box mixes we kinda take for granted that “from scratch” tastes better. It does, honey! And baking is a science babes. If your husband is anything like mine, he’s constantly craving baked sweets and the easiest way to flub up some chocolate chip cookies is measuring wrong!

So that’s my list! What kitchen tools MUST you have to keep your sanity? Let me know in the comments loves!

Peace & Love!

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