Some people front like they’re super rich for the “social” circles. Y’all know how it goes. Then there’s some of us who just don’t. Some people struggle with keeping it all together- and we know how that can be! When ends barely meet, it’s hard to be thankful.

As a wife, I’m charged with being the steward of our family’s finances. No matter how much or how little is coming in, it’s important to be WISE with it. I.E., Don’t go buy a brand new purse if you can’t buy three and STILL pay your bills- on time! I know, I know…it’s tough BUT, there are sooooo many creative ways to spend LESS money the everyday things so you can enjoy the luxuries a little more.

Try some of these methods and see what works for you. I’m sure at least ONE of them will save you some dough, and give you ample reason to give thanks!

The three simplest ways to start living an easier, richer life are:

1.) Be Grateful!– It’s easy to look at other people’s blessings so hard that you ┬ámiss your own! But like the teacher always says, “Keep your eyes on your OWN test!” You’ll end up cheating on YOUR life trying to compare it to someone else’s.

2.) Live Within Your Means– If you can make it, don’t buy it. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it! You’ll be surprised at how many everyday household items you can make quickly and easily! It’s shocking how your health will change when you switch up your diet and start cooking your own dang food!

3.) Be Creative!– Everybody has a little creative juice in ’em! Use it! It’s fun, it increases your brain power and it makes more QUALITY time with yourself and your family. Get creative about ways to save money while living RICHER!

Get the whole run down in this video where I share the ways I make a little feel like a lot!

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