Disclaimer: I’ve included affiliate links in this post for your convenience, but I would never recommend a product that I don’t absolutely love!

So I finally got around to filming my wipes tutorial! I know, the anticipation was killing you!!

I make my own because I’m a snob for moisture and gourmet ingredients in my skin care stuff and I refuse to drop greenbacks on those fancy pants brands!

But really, these wipes are a hit in our house and (surprisingly) when we send our babies out for overnight visits, other folks love them too!

They’re super super moisturizing, yet cleansing and healing at the same time! And BONUS, You can leave them dry and keep a spritzer of solution in your purse!

I keep several little spray bottles at all times because it’s SO much better than hand sanitizer!

Now, the wipes themselves aren’t luxurious….unless you consider stealing your husbands tshirts a luxury- then by all means….

But the solution is AMAZING!! If you use just a few drops of skin-safe essential oils, !the scent is DIVINE! If you’ve never tried EOs, the time is NOW! They’re every mommy’s best friend! Here’s a great price on a bottle of therapeutic grade lavender oil, I think that’s the best one to start with… and this sized bottle should last you WELL into the year!

As you can see in the video, I’m using an infused olive oil. Really easy to make! I added dried calendula flowers (which you can find here) to a jar of olive oil and let it infuse in a sunny spot for about two weeks. It’s amazing at calming all sorts of skin conditions, including excema and diaper rash. I’ve been using it in our DIY diaper rash cream and it works wonders!

Anywho, enough jibber jabber! Here’s the video! Enjoy![youtube=http://youtu.be/L18hxKa_VE8]

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