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Man, man, man! Being a man is tough sometimes.

Yep, it’s a mans world. …. and It’s a man’s household, it’s a man’s family, and it’s a man’s BILLS too! At the end of the day we’re responsible for making sure our “world” is straight. And believe me, that’s a privilege!

But we all have dreams, and as men, sometimes we feel obligated to put our dreams off to handle “life”.

What did you dream of being when you were a kid? (And I’m not talking about Batman) Did you have a plan and a passion before life, wife and kids showed up? Are you still pursuing it? (No bruh, not the 50 year old rapper dreams, but the real “groundbreaking” stuff)

I’ll be honest. Before I met my wife my only goal was to make enough money to make sure my mama was straight. And I was accomplishing that so I thought I was good.

Then this lil woman showed up!

She came with all kinds of questions about what my goals were and made me really wonder what I was passionate about….

And I realized I only REALLY loved to do a few things.

They say your purpose is that thing you’ll do all day for free- do that and figure out how to make some money for it.

Well for me, that was grilling…and taking pictures. I realized I loved¬†feeding and interacting with people…and then I got the “itch”. I was working a job I hated, missing out on time with my new wife and family. Then I had a woman at home pushing me to “pursue my passion”.

So I quit my job and we grilled- out of the trunk of our car- for 5 months! You wouldn’t believe how quick we outgrew that trunk and needed bigger equipment. (And here’s what happened when we purchased bigger equipment– in case you missed it) It was a runaway success- on a whim!

I know, it's blurry but I know y'all wouldn't believe it unless you saw it! We had the menu poppin!

I know, it’s blurry but I know y’all wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it! We had the menu poppin!

I went back to the rat race to build up capital but it seemed the Most High was bent on me living out my purpose because we immediately got a unbelievable deal on a great new camera.

So I’ve been snapping ever since and and building on that grilling success…and following every nudge that just won’t let up. Now that I’m working a day job AND building my dreams, I’m getting a real big dose of what it’s like to try to do it all. I know it can get exhausting trying to carry the world but trust your passion brothas. Here’s a few ways I keep that fire burning and keep my dreams on the front burner while I’m out there keeping the bills paid.


5 productive ways to daydream on your day job

1. Work like you own it! – Man look, I know how frustrating work can be, I’ve been doing it since I was 14!

But forget all that! I go to work everyday and act like it’s MY company. Whatever your job is, do it with the same fire that you’d have living out your dreams and working for yourself.

It helps to get in a powerful, READY state of mind before you even walk in the building so….

2. Drown your mind in motivation! – I’m the biggest hip hop fan there is but if we gon’ be real, hip hop doesn’t do anything about motivating us to get our own.

And we all know, what you put in comes out!

Trapping and struggling is NOT cool. Spending frivolously is NOT cool. Take that time on your commute to work to listen to some motivational speakers. Get empowered toward your dreams and watch how it change your life. FAST too! Here’s a video from Will Smith that I play on repeat!

3. Visualize it! – They messed up in school telling us not to daydream. I mean, of course you have to pay attention but what needs your attention more than your purpose? It’s the thing that’ll make sure you never have to worry about money again so it BETTER get your attention! Sometimes I spend my whole lunch break lost in a vision.

Take some time everyday to really SEE yourself WORKING your passion and prospering from it. Feel it in the present. Really throw yourself into this daydream- trust me, it’s for your good!

4. Find ways to bring your dream to work. – Dress like who you want to be. Be who you imagine yourself being, now. If you can’t do that find other ways.

I drive a truck and do deliveries all day- and I take my camera with me. All it takes is a second to drop the lens cap and snap. I photograph everything I can! The people I deliver to, the construction sites, the trees on the route- the SKY- whatever!

If your dream is to be a poet, use your free time to write. If you’re an artist, bring a small sketchpad. Maybe you want to be in real estate, bring books to study. Do whatever it takes to keep your dream front and center.

5. Dedicate time everyday to working toward your goal. – After work I’m TIRED! I come home and play with the boys, eat and chat with my wife….


…And I’m even more tired BUT- I’m committed to creating the life I WANT, and not staying stuck in this rat race they give us.

So, before I say goodnight I give an hour to my goals. Usually that means an hour or so of online photoshop or photography class. Could be looking into vending or food truck licensing. But my goals get time EVERYDAY. When I reach them and I can really kick back it’ll be the BEST nap I ever took!

Don’t give up on your dreams brothas. God gave them to US for a reason.

The world is waiting on US to step up and be great!




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