Obviously we made this tutorial months ago (when I was FAR less pregnant) and we just never posted it! The fatigue is real y’all!! Watching this now I long for the days of high(er) energy first trimester glowiness!


Anywho! Enjoy and I hope you make your own and save a bundle! Oh, BTW, I’ve recently discovered that I can use the bucket of thick detergent that you get from this recipe as a concentrate!!! So you get sen more out of your 5 gallons!

To do that, keep a gallon jug around and scoop some concentrate into the jug as needed. (Use a funnel!) Fill the jug about 1/3-1/2 with detergent and the rest with water. Shake and use 1 cup at a time! It will thicken up to just the right consistency.

Im a crazy person about bubbly cleanness right now (YAY pregnancy!) so I always overdo it and use more…and I haven’t had a bubbles overload washer disaster yet!

This literally lasts us MONTHS and now that I’ve figured out the whole concentrate thing.

But yeah, try it, love it….Tag us!!

Blessings fam!

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