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So, I finally got my hands on the Pink Stuff. Yes, the “gold” of natural hair care deep treatments…or so they say.

When I posted to IG that I was trying this stuff out, the ONLY question I kept getting was….”Is it worth the money?!”

In my humble opinion…..

It truly depends on what YOU like to spend money on.

Being that there are a TON of great natural (like really natural) hair products on the market, I’d say – for ME- NO.

Now, I know, there’s a whole Miss Jessie’s stan club out there that would beg to differ. And then there are people who are like, “If I spend that kinda money, a glitter tree better grow outta my head!”

Well, with this treatment, I was more like…..”meh..”

natural hair, natural hair care, miss jessies, product review


It claims to “stretch” your curls out and give you super “slip” (?).

Yep, my curls got stretched out. It fooled me into thinking my fro was an inch longer….so, if growth is what you’re going for- GO FOR IT!

I did not, however, experience this phantom “slip” I’ve heard tell about. My hair was as soft as a Charmin covered cloud for a few hours though…no complaints there. But overall, I love when a product gives me great curl definition, softness and frizz-freeness and this one just didn’t do it for me.

Being a glutton for punishment though, I’m tempted to see if their Pillow Soft curls would give me the fix I’m looking for…

Have you tried this product? Did you have to follow up with something to get better results?

Let’s share the hair care!

Comments, suggestions and natural hair love are WELCOME! We love hearing from y’all!

Peace and Hair Grease!

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