So we’re FINALLY back home! I’ve been away from my bed- or any real, non inflatable bed- for a MONTH! So the fact that I’m typing this on my back right now should come as NO suprise! 

Just being home must be enough for my boys because it’s two hours after their normal wake up call and they’re silent as church mice…. ???….yep, even Nugget (our 1 month old newbie).

So, THANK YOU to everyone who went above and beyond to make sure we could get back as quickly as possible after the fire. Thank you to everyone still donating to help us get things back in order over here! It’s MUCH needed and appreciated.
 And thank you to everyone who sent baby items and gifts for the boys! They we’re TOTALLY unexpected!  We had so ltd baby stuff and then everything got all smoked up; so it was really a godsend that our online family came trough in the clutch without us even having to ask! Y’all are the greatest!!
Look for new videos soon (well some were shot before we left home but you know…) , & new blog posts (feel free to tell me what you wanna hear about ?? down there in the comments), and new opportunities to become a part f the Nspiyahd Life team!!

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