Confession: I’m not in love with being a gardener. In fact, when my boys are old enough to do ALL the garden work, I’ll be sitting back sipping “tea” and giving orders….but I do it now because it’s worth the hardwork.

Aside from all the dirt-and LITERAL blood, sweat, and tears – that comes with it, it’s a great teaching tool and a way to bring a family closer.

When you think about all the non-GMO rewards for your labor, the grimy stuff isn’t really that bad.

The messed up manicures are another story altogether!

Anywho, this is about getting the kids to love it, and if your kids are anything like mine, that won’t be too hard.

Use these tips to make gardening super fun for the littles.

  • Let them get dirty! Even the cleanest parent will lose it trying to keep a kid clean in th garden. Let garden time be their opportunity to cut loose! Trust me, it washes off. Invest in “play clothes” and let those little ones have a ball! They’ll see the garden as a place they can go to be free and kids love free play!
  • Invite their friends. Most kids like to do what their friends like to do. With so much negative peer pressure, we can CREATE ┬ásome positive pressure by giving them the environment to “grow” together. Plus, you’ll never complain about too much extra help in the garden. Trust me, it’s easier to get kids to help than grown ups!
  • Make it a party! Have some fun! When the hard work is done, turn the hose around on them! Enjoy some fresh fruit, cold drinks and a fun splash! Cheapest, most rewarding party ever!

With so much time on their hands this summer, the garden is a great space to keep kids occupied with learning- without all the stuffy lessons.

Not only are you getting free food from the deal, you’re cultivating MANY admirable qualities and teaching life lessons through ACTION!

Try these tips! Take some pics and show us how you’re enjoying your garden this summer!

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