A quick tut-tut cuz it’s #TutTutTuesday !! … And fresh pineapple is the shiiii…

Yas honey! God knew what He was doing with this one! It’s pretty and exotic and they say “it makes you sweet”…. I’m just tellin ya what I heard…

Why He made it so confusing to get into, I have no earthly clue.

But I’ve cut my fair share of these thick skinned fruits in my day so here ya go!

Thank me later ?

 Step one is of course to secure yourself a ripe fruit. The more yellow the better. But I you can only find a green one don’t worry- but don’t cut it yet either. Twist off the top and let it ripen upside down for a few days. The sugars that settled at the bottom will flow all through the flesh making the whole thing sweet. You can let it ripen the same way in a brown paper bag with bananas for shorter.

You also wanna make sure your knife is good and sharp.

Cut off both ends

Cut in half

Then in quarters.

Cut out the tough inner spine area. If you have an apple corer, use it to do this part before you cut it in half.

 Remove the skin and the brown spikey pieces. Terrible to munch down on but it’s Beauty for your compost bin!

 Cut into spears or chunks and enjoy!

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