Riding on the “new mommy” train for the third time and I finally realize that I DESERVE to be acknowledged- we ALL deserve to be acknowledged!

Being a mom can be hard, to say the least. Yep, we’d all like to believe motherhood is as blog-ready as the internet would have us believe but NOPE! From scraped knees to broken hearts to hard decisions and tears, we grow through it ALL! 

It’s easy to go into self sacrifice mode and go on about how we “don’t need” recognition. I know, I’ve done it for the last 4 years. But NOT anymore. EVERYONE needs recognition for their hard work. Deco ally mommies. Before we realize it, the sacrificial attitude can lead to resenting this work we love so much.

Being “Mama” has so many great rewards but “thank you” isn’t always one of them. We can get so caught up in taking care of others that we forget to give ourselves that gratitude.

We are Mommy’s everyday ladies! So, to celebrate US, I’m starting the 30-day “Mommy Everyday” challenge.

For 30-days we’ll be doing at least one thing EVERYDAY to celebrate our contributions to our families and the world. What you do is up to you but you MUST post a pic a day of your gift to yourself! 

Go as big as you want but don’t feel obligated to go all out if you cant. Something as simple as a bubble bath can revive your whole life!! Trust me, I know!

So join me on my 30-day journey to celebrate the women we are and the women we’re becoming! Use tag #MEchallenge2015 on your pics for features on our Facebook page!

Have a beautiful beautiful day ladies!!

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