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This is me LITERALLY 2 minutes after birth returning emails and checking sales. Still waiting to birth placenta…yea, that’s sad!

Remember when I said “after I have this baby I’m gonna rest and chill and jut take care of my body!” Well, that turned out to be a big fat lie! When I was saying that I didnt take my future-scope goggles out and realize that we’d be displaced for more than a month, I’d have jewelry orders backed up or that Hubz would lose his job and we’d be on a grind trying to make ends meet. LIFE HAPPENS!

Of course I just went with the flow of things. I didn’t take a second to stop and say “but I NEED this”. I needed that time to rest and let my body get itself together. Especially after such a difficult birth.

To be honest, today, three months post partum, is the first day I’m saying- Eff it all, I’m getting some rest! Why? Because I keep spotting and i know my body is telling me I need to let it recover.

Yes, I’ve been drinking my teas and doing my v-steams but there’s nothing like proper rest and relaxation. There’s no magic herb or pill that will take the place of giving your body time to recharge and recover.

Birth is a serious process for the body and even if you do go the hospital route with meds and painkillers- your body still needs time to recover.

I know things come up and it feels like if YOU don’t handle it, it won’t get done- but the post partum period is a serious time that deserves your utmost care and respect. Give yourself permission to take a break. You’ve just given almost all of your life force to bring life into the world. Don’t take that lightly- in theory OR in practice.

You don’t have to lose the baby weight in a week. You don’t have to “get your sexy back” in a month. The house will get cleaned. CHILL MAMA!

Have you experienced any body issues after birth? Share them with me so I don’t feel so alone in this! 🙂

Peace to your body and health to your soul! ?

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