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Have you ever felt like you just can’t get enough sleep? Lately I’ve been literally waking up tired after 8 full hours of sleep. My body was aching, my stamina sucked and I told y’all how I’ve been losing hair by the bucket full!

Yeah, suffice it to say I’ve been a hot mess!! The hair loss situation was mostly a postpartum issue but my diet wasn’t helping much either. I was craving sugar like an addict and I was binging on fried foods – BIG TIME.

As healthy as I like to think I am, that postpartum life had me slippin’ something serious! As much as I didn’t want to, I knew it was time for a cleanse. Hubz was ready too – as he was experiencing the same symptoms (but his hair is still full and luscious so I don’t feel sorry…) – so we decided to start last week. Monday to be exact, but you know I kept pushing the date back!? I just needed that one last brownie!

We finally jumped in on Thursday and – FRFR, I’m already feeling a HUGE difference! We’re only about 80% alkaline foods right now but it’s still a big change for us.

First of all, I have energy ALL day now! We’ve X’d out all sugars except fruit and agave and MAN – that change alone has made a major difference. I feel alert, clear and never sluggish.

Since the body likes to stay alkaline – about 7.4 pH – it’s no wonder we’re all so tired all the time. Think about it, why do we NEED coffee to wake us up after a nights rest? They’ll tell you it’s your mattress, staying up late or your electronics but really it’s just our diet. Even the “natural” , “healthy” things we eat in America are super acid. With so much acidic food and drinks in our everyday diets, the body has to work extra hard to keep itself going – not to mention fueling all our outside projects.

I’m noticing serious improvements in under a week! I’m thinking this will grow from a 30 day cleanse to a total lifestyle shift. 

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I’d been losing about this much hair EVERY wash day! Scary!!

Slowly but surely I’m seeing my edges revive – partially thanks to coconut oil and a satin scarf at night.
The most important benefit – being married and all – is that I have the stamina to still “be in love” with Hubz after going hard with the kids, business and household chores all day — and he still has energy for me ☺️

Speaking of the boys, they’re cleansing with us – and so far they’re doing well. They don’t quite “get” why they can’t have “the yellow chips” right now but we’re giving them some good replacements.

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Mama’s food is never “mama’s food”

Have you considered a cleanse as a way to increase your energy? Already on a “back to basics” eating style? Let us know in the comments. Let’s grow together!

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