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Pretty is as pretty does?

Nope! Pretty is as pretty believes!

Trust me, I know LOTS of pretty women who do NOT do pretty things.

You know them too. We all do! So why do people say that? Maybe because they don’t realize that truly beautiful┬ápeople – like the ones who GLOW from the inside out – are beautiful because they believe they are.


I didn’t believe I was for a long time. I didn’t believe it and I didn’t show it. I was always bitter. I was always mean and giving people the “side-eye”…because I didn’t believe I had anything beautiful in me and you know what?

No man could make me see it either.

I remember the night I met my husband, and the first words he ever said to me – “You have the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen!” He said it in such a way that it seemed like seeing me caught him off guard. Thinking back I can remember his sincerity but, in that moment, I was like “who is this guy and who does he think he’s running game on?!”

He couldn’t make me see my beauty. I had to see it for myself.

beauty, black woman, head wrap, turban, naturalist, natural black woman


No one, including your man, can make you feel beautiful. It’s something you have to feel for yourself and see for yourself.

But when you DO see it, it’ll spill over to everyone and everything you touch. Your children will be affected by your belief in yourself. They’ll believe in themselves. Your husband will be motivated and renewed in his confidence to provide for his beautiful woman.

Have you ever seen someone who may not have been very attractive to you but they just had that “something”? That’s inner beauty, and BELIEF in their inner beauty. Nobody can give it to you or make you see it… but you can cultivate it.


It’s easy to put the expectation on our men to make us feel pretty or desirable. And of course they should enhance the feeling but if it’s not already there, anything they give will be wasted energy- because belief is a personal thing.




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