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When I say we haven’t been on a date in forever, trust me it’s an understatement. As a matter of fact, the last movie we saw in an actual theater was “About Last Night”…how long ago was that? Right.



Every waking moment we have right now is spent taking care of home, kids or business. Those memes about entrepreneurs are true. So imagine being “fam-preneurs” as Hubz likes to say. But really we’re a “couple” entrepreneurs cuz there’s 5 in the family and only 2 of us are working. [The kids don’t count when props are being doled out! Sorry! It’s us against the world Clyde!]


With so much “family life” going on, we haven’t had time for much “fun” lately. And all work and no play makes marriage a dull sport. So when our girl Janae Pierre, a local radio personality at WBOK 1230, invited us to their monthly networking mixer we jumped at the opportunity. We figured it’d be a great opportunity to build with some other young professionals, and get out of the house kid-free for a few hours.


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We had such a good time. The mixer was held at Le Musee de F.P.C. (The Museum of Free People of Color) and was packed with young professionals and beautiful vibes. Add to that how good it felt to actually get dressed and doll myself up and I was in heaven.


We spent the evening in the historic French Quarter mansion turned museum, surrounded by authentic artifacts from our rich black history and culture.

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Yes, it’s real and really heavy.

Datenight 1-5 Artifacts

There were some amazing vendors and even a makeover station, where I finally got to try on the infamous Ms. Ruby Woo – and yes, I loved it.

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I love how New Orleans cultivates talent from a very youngg age.

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I finally found the perfect red lip…my life is so right, right now! lol!

I posed for Hubz’ camera most of the night as usual. I love how he works his purpose.

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I spent time with another legendary Ruby that night as well. Ruby Bridges.

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Mr. Ro Brown (center), and Janae Pierre (right)

It seems like no matter where we are, I’m always introducing him like “…and my husband’s the photographer. Yep, the guy over there with the camera.”

Overall it was a great night.

We enjoyed each others’ company without feeling like we were missing valuable “work hours”. We got out for a second to breathe. And we experienced a rare gem in our city that we didn’t realize was right under our noses.

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Have you had a great, out of the ordinary date night? We want the deets! Chime in with your best date night ideas!

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