We’re celebrating our 6th Passover this year. Since we’ve picked up Passover and dropped Easter, we get lots of questions from our family, friends and followers. Most just want to know what the difference is. In short, one is biblical, the other is not. One is a celebration of our salvation and liberation and the other is essentially, a pagan holiday from ancient Babylon.

Beside the technicalities – like the number one rule to get rid of leaven in your house, and a delicious menu of lamb, bitter herbs (romain lettuce is one), and unleavened bread, Passover is another occasion for those who keep the commandments to TURN UP and remember our ancestors – in righteousness of course.

My sons love it because we always find something out of the ordinary to do. They look forward to our feast days every year.

Last year we spent Passover in a hotel room. I was 4 days postpartum and definitely shouldn’t have been out in the world yet, but we were dealing with home repairs after a serious fire and I was clearly not in my right mind. The boys loved it though. They wrapped up in duvet covers and jumped from bed to bed pretending to be super heroes.

This year we’ll be in a hotel room again, but I’m in a much better headspace to enjoy myself and my little tribe.

I make sure to get rid of leaven in our traveling spaces too. We’re better this year, and starting to see better days ahead. I’m grateful for that.

It’s a time for spring cleaning

Any chance to get my house and life together is a winner for me. Removing the leaven is a symbolic practice for me, like spring cleaning. It’s a time to evaluate the areas I can stand to improve and also tighten up where I may think I’m doing OK. Just like cleaning out the bottom of your toaster for those hidden leavened bread crumbs, you never know what’s lurking until you dump it all out.

It’s crazy how, like our ancestors, we always seem to be in transition around  this time – but we keep to the tradition anyways. Like last year when we cooked our entire dinner on the grill for lack of a stove. Hubz also took it upon himself to cook breakfast (Yes, grits and eggs) on the grill. That was … interesting! Lol!

He was on his game last year so I had to find some interesting and creative ways to prepare for the feast week this year. No, it’s not a competition but hey!

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Here’s three ways you may not have thought of to get rid of your leaven without wasting too much.

3 Creative Ways to Get Rid of Leaven

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  • Baking Soda + Vinegar = CHEAP, easy SCIENCE!

My little ones love to “do science”. I can literally keep them occupied for hours with a little bit of water, food coloring, soda and vinegar. To get rid of leaven in the weeks before Passover we go science crazy. I let them have at all those ancient refrigerator boxes of baking soda. It’s an easy way to keep them out of the way while cleaning the leaven from the rest of the house too.

Remember to wipe up well after they play so that you don’t have a leavened mess all over your counter tops.

  • Breakfast for dinner

Ok, blame this on my southern-ness and my addiction to grits and biscuits and all things breakfast. My meal plan before Passover usually includes all the ways to get rid of leaven with copious amounts of buttermilk pancakes, buttermilk biscuits, and of course, buttermilk waffles.

Muffins, cookies, and any other delicious baked goods will do the trick too if you’re not a breakfast lover like me.

  • Clean your drains

Did you know that baking soda is a fabulous drain cleaner? Be sure to try this one at least a day before so you have enough time to run hot water and vinegar down to flush the drains out afterwards.

Just get it done!


If all else fails, just throw it out! Rushing at the last minute to get everything thrown away is the worst feeling. One thing I’ve found to keep my head on straight and save that last minute rush is to nix leavening from my grocery list for at least a month prior to the feast days. I make it a point to use up what we have with lots of baked goods, and the above tips.

Also, (and this tip comes straight from the elders), keeping your leavened food on a separate “We Must Eat This” table so you don’t miss anything as you’re cleaning out.

How will you be celebrating Passover this year? Do you use any creative ways to get rid of leaven? Let’s chat in the comments section!

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