Learn how to work your vision with children in it

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Our children are with us like, 100% of the time. Any homeschooling entrepreneur can vouch.  They’re all up IN our brand and individual businesses. That used to overwhelm me. Sometimes it still does, but I’ve gotten much better with realizing that our babies are a BIG part of our brand and having them around is teaching us a TON of good things we never would have learned without them.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that some day s are better than others, especially when it comes to getting things done with three active boys in tow. I’m always asked how we do it.

So, I came up with 5 ways we make being Family-preneurs work for us


How to work your vision with children in it

  • Let them watch

I’ve always heard that kids slow you down but, being married with 2 children by 23, I couldn’t afford to start using that excuse. I knew I wanted to homeschool and that I wanted to make an impact during my lifetime as well. I knew it would be hard but I looked at it as a chance to change the dynamic of the next generation. “What if our children only saw entrepreneurship and black ownership?” We figured we had the responsibility to be the examples of black excellence to our children. If they were going to learn how to build black families and profitable businesses, it would be from watching us.

Another plus to having them tag along, they know how to act in public. So, let your kids watch and join you when they can. You’ll be surprised how easily they pick up social etiquette and positive practices just from watching you do you.

  • Be Patient

Learning is eternal if you’re living right. It can be tough being patient with the learning curve of childhood though….since we’re all soon far past that stage (sarcasm). Children may not always be comfortable being the “odd family” and they may have lots of questions. Don’t over analyze it. Lighten up a little. Not just with the children, but with yourself as well. Your little ones will learn more from how you react to criticism and correct your mistakes than they will living a cookie cutter life.

  • Bedtime is your friend

Unless your children are teenagers and able to take care of themselves, bedtime is your best friend. Being in business and homeschooling begs for us to be somewhat organized – if not OCD. Having the children on the schedule has saved my hairline, and my liver, so trust me on this one. The early morning, nap time, and after bedtime hours are the most productive in our house.

Try starting with set bedtime. For small children I also suggest implementing a midday nap. It gives you time to recharge your batteries and prevents you having a cranky kid in the late evening.

  • Be Consistent

Creating consistency in your life helps children feel secure. Secure children are also well behaved children and good behavior is something you NEED to be able to bank on if you’re building your dreams with your kids right alongside you. Everyday won’t go exactly as planned, and the kids won’t always be on their P’s and Q’s but having a road map and a set plan of action helps get you and them back on track quickly. I’m an artist so, routine is not my thing, but I’ve found that keeping a schedule (for business and home) is a lifesaver and actually gives me more freedom to do what I love.

  • Slow Down

Every black millennial has heard that being a parent slows you down. We’ve all been told that we should be out getting careers or chasing our dreams while we still can. Well, you still CAN with children and a family. It’s important though, to change your perspective of what it means to live a slowed down life. Know that, sometimes slowing down prevents you from a crash, from making missteps or simply from taking the wrong turn. Often, in our overworked, fast paced society, slowing down is exactly what needs to happen to get us to our highest potential.

We’ve always heard “live fast, die young”. Hubz says “live slow, die old” & I believe that.

Work your Vision with Kids in it

Yes, kids slow you down but they do it so that you can enjoy every second of the years you have with them. So that the “building” stage doesn’t just slip by you. Give thanks for your children, and the memories you get with them, as often as you can.

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