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#GrouponCoupons: Easy Family Savings

I’m all about trying new things….and saving money while doing it. When I decided I wanted my boys enrolled in martial arts, I went straight to Groupon to see what kind of deals they had available. The boys got an awesome learning experience and I got a few hours of “mom time”.

Groupon is a great resource for savings on things you like to do everyday!

Hubz and I love to use Groupon when we want to have a night out. Expensive dates are cool and all but, I’m not always about that life! 2 for 1 dinner and a movie? Yes, and YES! Y’all know how pricey the movies can be these days. You can spend nearly $40 on concessions alone! Groupon cuts that number all the way down with it’s easy app… but it gets better!

The skies have opened and savings are raining all the way down now that Groupon Coupons has launched. Let me be clear, I AM NOT a couponer. Not because I don’t like saving dough, I think I made that part clear, but because I’m just not organized enough to carry bits of paper everywhere and half the time I forget I even have them. Groupon Coupons gets rid of that problem because the coupons are downloadable right to my phone, and the codes are immediately clickable for online shopping.

My boys grow so quickly so coupons for places like Carter’s and Kohl’s come in handy big time.

Clipping coupons…sorry, ain’t nobody got time for that! Easy savings with #GrouponCoupons? I’m here for it all day! You can check out what’s new HERE.

Before you make your next purchase, check them out to make sure you’re not missing savings.

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How do you save money on your everyday purchases?

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