homeschool sensory slime activity

My little homeschoolers love all things science. Especially squishy, “gross” things that could be used to make grown ups bug out…or spaz out due to the mess they make.

So, of course, I’m always on the Pinterest stroll looking for the next idea that’ll have me pulling my hair out in the aftermath. For real though….daddy does the clean up duty, I just help make the messes.


I was really excited about this one because when I was their age, slime was only sold in the .25 machines at the front of the grocery store. It was the only thing I wanted on our grocery trips, so of course, it was the one thing my mom refused to let me buy. They were my quarters, I should’ve been able to buy what I wanted!

Anywho, fast forward to today and I can do whatever I want. It only makes sense that I’d want to rebel against the system and make slime. Plus, my 6 & 3.5 year olds wouldn’t stop bugging me about it once I mentioned “ninja turtle” green. (I also made sure to mention how mean grandma was back then to get my cool-mom points up. It worked.)

I’m usually a DIY homeschooler so, I thought this non toxic slime would be a great sensory activity for them while we were studying the states of matter. They really loved watching the way the ingredients mixed together and quickly changed from their original forms into something totally new.

Homeschool sensory slime activity

Homeschool DIY Sensory Slime

homeschool DIY Sensory Slime activity

This experiment was so easy I actually just let them do it on their own. I measured out the water and talked them through the process, but other than that it was hands free for me.

Until they were done of course because mama was not going to miss out on playing with slime.

Homeschool DIY Sensory Slime activity

I even FaceTime’d my mom to show her how much of an OG I was now. That is, until I had to wash slime out of the baby’s hair. Remember in “There’s Something About Mary”, that gel that made her hair stick up? This could be that…well, not that but, you know what I mean. This stuff is hard as a rock when it dries in hair but it washes out super easy.

Homeschool Sensory slime activity DIY

My 6 year old thought it would be cool to make a “mustache like daddy”. LMAO! Thank God daddy’s isn’t green, I’d be like….?!?!

Here’s the recipe if you want to try it out with your little ones.

DIY Ninja Turtles Slime

•1/2 cup warm water

•2 teaspoons Borax (find it on the laundry aisle)

•1 bottle of clear school glue (you can use white but it won’t be transparent)

•Green food coloring (I also cut open a highlighter and added a few drops for “glowiness”)

Instructions: Mix water, borax and coloring in a bowl. Add entire bottle of glue and stir. You’ll see the change happen almost immediately. Stir until there’s no more liquid and enjoy!

P.S. I’d definitely suggest this as an outside activity because children don’t know how to stay in one place with stuff. It”ll get everywhere, you’ll get frustrated. Fun will be over. Purpose = defeated. So let’s keep it fun and pick a beautiful sunny day with a breeze and have some silly sensory time with your own homemade slime!


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