black motherhood without mother's day

Every mother knows that there are no days off in motherhood. It’s like the mafia, once you’re in, you’re ALL the way in. And blood, sweat and tears are the least of the body fluids you have to conquer in the mom-game.

I hear lots of different opinions on what we do. From stay-at-home moms to working, career moms. Everyone has a say. We’re overworked, under thanked and underpaid, lazy, complainers, and “have it easy”.

No matter what anyone says, being a mother is beyond the scope of explaination. It’s endlessly rewarding and endlessly trying. From the very first bout of morning sickness, to the first day of an empty nest, the mere act of mothering changes every woman who walks this road.

I started my journey as a single mom. hardly a cause for celebration but, since I felt the very first kick I’ve been celebrating. You see, years ago, a doctor told me that (what they thought was) a severe case of endometriosis would make it near impossible for me to conceive. So having children at all is a blessing for me.

motherhood without mothers day, mothers day everyday

I celebrated when I was able to bring my son, born at 29 weeks, home only 3 days before mother’s day back in 2010. I didn’t get one card, balloon or flower, but I didn’t need them…and I still dont.

When I married my husband and we decided to denounce Western holidays based on biblical principles. And yes, we risked the fury of a thousand mothers (and mother in laws) by including Mother’s Day in the roundup.

I was a bit bummed at the thought that I’d never have a true Mother’s Day celebration. But the hub-man quickly reminded me that everyday is mother’s day and that one day was just not enough to cover all that we do as moms. And no, he didn’t just say that to be cheap, he actually does make sure to celebrate me daily, lol.

Motherhood is God's gift to women.-2

Over the years I’ve realized how true his words were. Instead of confining my celebration to one day of the year – come’on now, really?! – I make time at least weekly to show myself a little love and appreciation. Even if it’s only a glass of wine after bedtime, a solo-dolo movie night or a trip to the ice cream parlor ALONE. I make sure to remind myself that I’m doing a great work raising the next generation, because it’s so easy to forget between ninja moves and spilled…everything.

mothers day everyday

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