3 ways to grow your own food in a small space

3 Ways to Grow your Own Food in a Small Space

Have you ever wanted to grow your own food? One of the questions we get most often is how to start growing a garden. The easy answer is “just start”. The benefits are obvious considering how the food and industrial giants are poisoning our food supply more and more everyday. Not only has the soil been depleted of all of it’s valuable minerals and nutrients, our water (from ground water to rain water) is loaded with harmful chemicals from our way too busy lifestyles. 

I hear so many people praising the benefits of eating an all-organic diet but clearly those people have never stepped foot into the organic food section with an average person’s income and more than one mouth to feed. Let’s be real, organic food is expensive. Ain’t nobody got time to be dropping their whole paycheck on some bananas and bell peppers. But our bodies need those nutrients. Not only for a healthier diet but for disease prevention, mental wellness and even clearer skin and growing, healthy hair. Studies continue to show that organic food wins out over conventionally grown produce when tested for nutritional value and healing benefits. 

Even though we grow some of our own vegetables, I still had to convince my husband that organic was the way to go. He just assumed it was a new buzz word to sell us on paying $2 extra for our apples and oranges. Now he sees that organically grown produce has way more cancer-fighting antioxidants, they taste better and actually look like they came from nature. (Because there’s no way that all the apples on the tree look exactly alike and perfectly shiny)

So what if your space is just way too small to grow your own food? You can grow your own food in a small space, it just takes a little creativity.

Try these cute and creative methods to get your garden growing no matter how tiny your home or yard is.

3 Creative Small Space Gardening Ideas to Grow Your Own Food

Vertical Gardening 

I love all the creative vertical gardening ideas I’ve been seeing! You know those flimsy fabric shoe organizers that hang on the back of the door? Check this one out!

Shoe Organizer Garden

Photo Courtesy of http://hative.com

And this mailbox garden is just too cute and rustic!

Grow Your own Food in a Small Space

Photo courtesy of http://www.larklabel.com/articles/small-gardens.php

Crops like lettuce, radishes, and baby carrots grow well vertically. You can grow a whole array of herbs as well! Edible flowers would make a beautiful spring garden in vertical planters as well. The list of materials you can use is endless and there are even companies that make prefab vertical gardens. But if your money is low, look around and see what things you would probably throw away that can be turned into planters. This article has 20 more gorgeous vertical gardening ideas.


Container Gardening

This one is kind of a no-brainer but not really. Most people think container gardening and imagine that old neighbor with flower pots everywhere. If that’s your thing, that’s wonderful too – go for it! But for the modern, stylishly inclined gardener, we need something cute! Container gardens can be just that! When you think about it, you can grow in just about anything.

Growing food in containers and small spaces

Photo Courtesy of http://wintergardenz.co.nz

How cute is that?

Container gardening is limitless! I’ve seen things growing from shoes, cars, and even containers as small as dixie cups. Crops like peppers, tomatoes and even some fruit trees have been adapted to grow well in containers. Be sure to purchase seeds and plants that can thrive in compact spaces. If you have the space for a 5 gallon bucket or two, you can even grow your own potatoes, pounds and pounds of them!

I found this gallery of even more unique containers to grow your plants.

Window Box Gardening

window box gardening for health, food and wellness

Photo Courtesy of http://windowboxcontest.com

Window box gardening is probably the easiest of all the methods I’ve listed. They add beauty to the outside of your home and with self-watering window box planters, they’re super low maintenance. The hardest part of planting a window box garden is finding a sunny spot where the most plants can thrive. Window boxes are great for kitchen herbs and other healing herbs that require next to no maintenance and grow well in small spaces. Consider growing a tiny tea garden or one for the herbs you use in your daily cooking. 

It’s easy to grow your own food, even in a small space. Think outside the box when considering where you’ll put your plants. Have a sunny bathroom? Grow the first aid hero Aloe Vera in a small pot or mug on the bathroom counter. A lavender plant in a pot next to your bed can promote more restful sleep and it’s a great addition to tea. Go for multipurpose plants that add beauty and function as well as nutrition.

Are you ready to grow your own food? What interesting places have you planted?

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