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#WombmanWednesday: My Natural Feminine Hygiene Kit + 3 Sista-Owned Businesses your Yoni will Love

Are you still using chemical laced feminine hygiene products? Of all the all-natural things we DO have in our arsenal, natural feminine hygiene seems to get pushed to the back burner. Most times we don’t even know the options exist. Beyond the products we use, most of us have never even been taught about the affects that our diets, our clothing and our lifestyles have on our most intimate parts.

I hate to admit that I have not always taken the best care of myself as a woman. At a point in my life I was wild, “free” and didn’t give a damn. I worked in a nightclub and wore skin tight clothes everyday. The extent of my self care was coming home smelling like a pack of Newports and taking a “ho-bath” before crashing on the couch shortly after sunrise. Yep, that was me. Needless to say, I experienced a LOT of issues with my yoni. Things like extremely painful periods, recurring yeast infections and being told I wouldn’t conceive due to endometriosis were all happening to me, but I thought they were normal female occurrences. 

Every woman I knew at the time had her own womb issues to deal with, and doctors weren’t giving any of us the answers we were looking for. My pain, my aunt’s infertility, my good friend’s recurring cysts – they told us all of it was “normal” for black women and we didn’t have anything to worry about. So I just swept it under the rug. It wasn’t until I got pregnant that I knew it was time to slow down and change my life.

I didn’t find out what I was having but I knew that if I had a daughter I’d be responsible for teaching her how to take care of herself. My own ignorance couldn’t be an excuse. I got intentional and surrounded myself with natural people (at that time it was the elders in my local Rasta community). I got serious about natural feminine hygiene and decided I would learn everything they were willing to teach and seek out the rest.

I learned a lot! Like how tight pants and underwear contribute to yeast infections and many other feminine health issues. I also learned about the chemicals in our “normal” feminine hygiene products and how toxic they really are. I was shocked to find out that Monsanto has their grubby little hands all up and through the feminine care industry. (And we wonder why our wombs are crying out!) 

They say knowledge is power, but knowledge without application is just a bunch of useless trivia. I had to do something about all that I was learning. Even though I ended up with three sons, I plan to have a daughter one day (Lord’s will) and I want to lead her by example. 

So what does my natural feminine hygiene kit look like now?

4 Natural Feminine Hygiene Products to fall in Love with!

natural feminine hygiene products you love

I’ll start by sharing the products I use and used to get from seeing my cycle and my yoni as problems to now being able to love and honor my femininity. I should also share that while I sometimes have sponsored content on the blog, this aint that. I really do use these products and I really want to help you create a self care routine that’s good for you.

Reusable Cloth Pads

This one is one of those “to each her own” situations. It may seem extreme to some but after I noticed I was having a terrible breakout “down there” every month during my cycle, I knew something had to give. I’m not a fan of tampons because, well, I really believe the blood is supposed to come OUT. So while there are reusable tampon options out there (crotchet and such), I decided to go with the pads. At first I made my own but lately I’ve been using some created by fellow stay-at-home-mom brand, RootWomanEarthChild. She sells individuals as well as full kits and even customizes “first moon cycle” kits for young women. Her deluxe kit includes a lidded enamel soaking pot and special laundry detergent just for your womanly goods.

Maybe reusable pads are too drastic for you? There are definitely other options, like soft silicon cups meant to be inserted, and a new brand of “period panties” that I’ve heard work really well. Using real cotton instead of plastic has made a huge difference in the length and volume of my cycles. I share all about that in this post.

All Natural Feminine Wash

I’ve tried many-a wash. Mainly because my skin is very sensitive to artificial fragrances (always has been), and is easily dried out by soaps. When I heard Shanel Cooper-Sykes talk about having a special soap for her yoni, I figured that must be the answer. So I went on a hunt for a natural, non-drying soap. I found The Honey Pot. An all natural feminine wash created by Beatrice Dixon to solve many of the issues women face using chemical washes. It’s enriched with organic lavender water in a coconut soap base. The Shatavari root extract also helps improve vaginal dryness.

Specially Formulated Herbal Teas for Women

I’m just gonna throw a shameless plug in here and say that my FemininiTea is the bomb. I might be biased but I’ve heard tell that it’s awesome. I’ve been improving on my original formula since I got pregnant with my first son and now that I’ve got it just right, I’ve made it available in our shop.  It’s formulated with herbs that nourish our reproductive systems, tone our wombs and calm our nerves. It’s also great for hormone balance and mood enhancement…(ask Amiri how moody I can get).

Whether you try our tea out or not, it’s a great idea to add herbs to your feminine care regimen. Our western diets just don’t have enough of what we need to stay healthy. The stress on our systems from toxin laced air, food and water is especially taxing on the female reproductive and nervous systems. There are so many cleansing and purifying herbs to help you get your health back in alignment.

Yoni Steams and Pearls

I’ve been making my own steam to use after giving birth for the last two babies. However, steams can get a bit cumbersome with little ones running around and if you’re an on-the-go mama like me, or looking for a deeper detox, pearls may be a better option. Yoni steams and pearls are herbal preparations that detox your womb from the inside. With a steam, you wrap yourself in a large blanket and sit over a large pot of steaming herbs (after you let it cool a bit of course). A steam will also help on your weight loss journey because it’s hot as hell and you have to stay until the pot cools. It was a very relaxing experience despite how it sounds. I waited until the boys went to bed and played some soothing music.

Pearls, on the other hand, let you detox your womb no matter where you are. It’s recommend to take it slow while you’re detoxing.

Pearls are inserted like tampons, but they’re much smaller. My good sister, (who’s studied under Dr. Sebi and Queen Afua) has compiled the wisdom of our elders and uses a handed down recipe to create DinQNesh Pearls. Nia’s tiny herbal pearls are easy to use and very effective! She only uses five ingredients but these potent pearls are known to pull years worth of toxic build up from your womb. Check out her Instagram page here to see what I mean. Yes, it looks gross but, would you rather it all stay in you? I think not.  

A word of warning about steams and pearls: DON’T use them while you’re pregnant. Never, ever, EVER! Also, DON’T go cheap on this one ladies! There are a lot of stories going around about bad batches or improperly formulated herbal remedies causing all kinds of mayhem. Buy the ones that are made in America by real women. Mass produced products for your womb are generally a bad idea.

I get a lot of questions about breaking soul ties and detoxing your womb from the past. I share many ways to spiritually detox with clients and women that I come across, but there are also physical aspects of detoxing your womb that can help the process along.

I’ll be sharing my full moon cycle routine when I get my cycle back (Nugget is still nursing,  plus I think this post is kinda long winded as it is). I used to continue on my merry way when my moon showed up and just dealt with feeling “scattered” for an entire week, but now I know better.


Have you tried any natural feminine hygiene products? Are there any hprouscts you just can’t live without?


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