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How I Homeschool With One Income – PreK thru 1st grade


I always knew I would homeschool my children. Or at least I thought I knew the half of what homeschooling small children might be like. Who knew I’d pull a rabbit out of the hat (in these days and times) and homeschool with one income. I think everyone has their ideal vision of what their life will be like by certain ages and stages. Do those things ever turn out?

For me, in my imaginary world, homeschooling looked like teaching my “always willing to learn” children in my beautifully decked out home while my well-to-do husband did some high-powered work (like playing in the NFL – yea, I had those dreams) to bring home the bacon.

Looking at my life, It’s a leap from what I thought it would be. While I knew I wouldn’t be a working mom, I didn’t expect to be a struggling mom either. Of course everyday isn’t a struggle, but there are times when those really fancy gadgets and super sought after curriculums are just way outside of our budget.

Children learn from their environments, they don’t care how much it costs. 

None of that has stopped me from sticking to my goal of educating my sons myself. It’s actually made me better at it. I’ve had the opportunity to discover resources I didn’t know were available and connect with mothers who have more of what I need.

Not only have I met moms, teachers and regular everyday people who have added many valuable pieces to our homeschool puzzle, I’ve also found some top of the line resources that are free or cheap to enrich my babies’ learning experience.

I’ve shared some of those resources HERE and some DIY teaching tools HERE that you probably have lying around your home. 

My boys love science and engineering. Like Mary J. Blige Real Love. I love that they love STEM because it makes our days so much more fun. One great tool they’re crushing on nowadays is the My.Future tool from the Boys & Girls Club of America. They’ve always loved visits to the Boys & Girls Club to take a load off after our more rigorous homeschool days (hey, I’m trying to make sure they’re prepared). Now they can enjoy STEM themed activities at home and we get some great ideas for projects as well.

Use those free resources! 

The Boys & Girls Club of America has been providing stimulating after school and extracurricular programs for children for over 150 years. With the boom in STEM jobs and massive industry growth, it’s very important to prepare our kids to compete in the global workforce. Even homeschoolers can benefit from after school activities and being in a stimulating environment like the Boys & Girls Club you’ll know they’re being challenged in a fun way.

 The My.Future site is free and easy to use and lets me expose my boys to top of the line STEM material within my family’s budget.

We work hard to create a sustainable life for ourselves. A life that grants our children access to the education they need for the future. It’s hard work to homeschool on one income. For that’s worth the effort. We’re able to build a supportive community and tap into excellent educational resources. 

You can find out more about the Boys & Girls Club of America by visiting their website : Boys & Girls Club of America and the My.Future platform can be found HERE.


What are some teaching tools and homeschool resources you’re using?

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