…On Letting Go of Control

There’s this crazy thing about being a woman that makes us feel the need to take on every.thing.

Not only do we take it all on, we get annoyed when others (i.e. husbands), don’t automatically lighten the load. I’ve found myself grabbing the heaviest thing when h
‘s right downstairs and willing, then giving the side eye when he offers to take whatever said heavy-item is, off my hands.

I don’t know what they call that but I do know that it has wreaked all ki
nds of havoc on my sanity. 

Lately, I’ve been working on letting go of the reigns. From sending the children to the community to be schooled, to letting hubz cook dinner every once in a while. I’ve been giving up the idea that if I’m not doing it all, I’m not doing enough. 

It’s a toxic way to think and actually slows down productivity.

What I found was that by spreading myself so thin I was actually half-assing everything. I was also pushing my husband away by holding myself, and him, to damn near impossible standards.

I’m learning that everything will get done. That taking a break doesn’t make me (or him) lazy, and that if we’re seeking the Kingdom first, we should “be anxious for nothing”.

Trying to control everything was essentially saying that I didn’t trust God’s timing or my own life’s process. 

This society can definitely make you feel like it all needs to be done, right now. Loosening the strngle hold of “ambition” and allowing your life to unfold in a divine way is a revolutionary act.

How are you practicing more “flow” in your daily life?


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