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Ok, I’m reaching. Sorta.

If it weren’t for my soon-to-be 7-year-old giving up the breast for table food before he turned 1, that title would actually be true. Not complaining at all, just being honest. My 4-year-old nursed until he was 2.5 and I was pregnant with my now 19 month old (who still comes knocking 8 times a day like I owe him $20!)img_0290

The crazy part is, I actually love long term nursing. I love the early stages of motherhood when I can love and hug on them and they still need mommy. That’s when they’re the cutest. Along with nursing for-eva, I’ve really enjoyed the non-stop adventure that is growing little boys. After thinking I would never have children for a while and remmbering how devastating that thought was, I make sure to savor all their little moments – even the moments that make me wanna pull my hair out…or cause you to lose your hair like I did after my most recent birth.


I remember my first adventure in breastfeeding. My oldest son was a preemie and I had to pump milk while he was in the NICU. He was so precious and small, but he didn’t stay that way for long! I had milk coming out of my eyes! Much more milk than the mini freezer in the NICU could handle. They had to stop me from bringing in bottles. I wish I had known then about milk banks because I could’ve fed at least three more babies!

WaterWipes works hard to remind mothers of the importance of savoring those first moments with our babies. It’s beautiful to know that a company is basing their mission on building a stronger bond between mama and baby through promoting skin to skin contact. WaterWipes encourages us to indulge in the early memories of motherhood, because sometimes in the everyday mayhem, we can forget how beautiful momlife really is.

My most vivid memories from my birth experiences were centered around touch. I couldn’t hold my oldest baby for 4 days while he stabilized in an incubator. I would reach my hand inside and rub his little back for hours, talking to him, praying with him. It was definitely painful but he was a fighter. When I was finally able to hold him I think I stayed in the NICU for 2 months straight giving him Kangaroo care – skin to skin holding that helps babies develop. I talked all about it in this post a while back. Looking back on that first year I’m amazed at how far we’ve come.

From 2.9 lbs to preparing to lose his two front teeth! He's a big boy now!

From 2.9 lbs to preparing to lose his two front teeth! He’s a big boy now!

I love that WaterWipes encourages mothers to take the time to slow down and enjoy all the beautiful firsts.


For my most recent homebirth, it was beautiful to share it with my older boys. They were so excited to have a new little brother and I remember my now 4-year-old asking “is the baby gonna drink my milk now?” He seemed so sad but it was really the cutest thing. It took him a while to get over the fact that he wasn’t the baby anymore. 

Now they're big enough to help ME!

Now they’re big enough to help ME!


Having home births meant I didn’t give myself “maternity leave” – which I’ll never do again (the taking-no-breaks part, not the homebirth part). I shared how hopping right back into work affected me here. Next time around I’ll be sure to take my time and bask in every moment…but that’s far into the future!


WaterWipes asked us to share some of our favorite first moments in a beautiful compilation video that you can check out below.

We all love remembering our babies’ first year and all the moments that make motherhood the most special journey. Of course, it gets messy. You will lose sleep and have to wash pureed veggies out of just about everything. And you’ll wonder if it’s possible for a little human to pull your boob off your chest – but it’s all worth it. The years pass by so fast. In the messiest moments I try to remember how much I’ll miss it all when they’re way too busy being big boys to hug and love me.

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