About Us

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“If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna be the example”

We’re just ordinary people. No John Legend. We give ordinary people the courage to pursue greatness — in family, health, and life.

We’re Amiri + Yahya, husband + wife, mama + daddy to three strong sons. Oh yeah, and we’re from New Orleans.

We grow some food, for ourselves and our community. We grow ideas too. Like the idea that two 80’s babies from two completely different worlds could break from the norm and build a life together.  Breathing fresh life into the image of artistic, soulful black families. We believe in Grace and walk by faith.

If you ask the wife half, we’re aspiring vegans. Lol! The children love traveling the most and we all love good food. 

We give birth, give back and grind it out as full time entrepreneurs — together.

We’ve been blessed to help thousands of people through our daily walk via




We see the need for a beacon of hope for Us, our generation. You know, some day-to-day proof that healing, peace, and love are still real possibilities. So we’re pouring ourselves into filling the spaces and through Grace, raising our sons to do the same. Because, legacy.

That’s what it means to live the Nspiyahd Life. To go out into the world, give your gifts and hone your talents, then bring your fruits back home — to build, to store and to pass on into the future.

Til Kingdom Come.

Health + Life y’all.

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